What is tACS?

tACS stands for Trans Alternating Current Stimulation. It is a type of neurostimulation that sends tiny currents of electricity to different parts of the brain.

Is it safe?

tACS, and the magnetomodulation technique used by Vybuds, are largely considered safe when used in moderation by the scientific community. The majority of studies have shown a positive effect in brain-boosting after 20 minutes of stimulation using these kinds of devices.

I don’t know a lot about neurostimulation. Is there scientific research that promotes this as a safe and effective way to stimulate the brain?

Yes. Our technology is based off of frontier neuroscience research. Explore the science behind our product by clicking the research article links on the homepage.


Can I listen to music without stimulation? How about stimulation without music?

Vybuds Headphones have two modes. The first gives you the ability to stimulate to your desired frequency with no music, while the Find your Frequency mode syncs the frequency of the music playing with the frequency of the stimulation current. 


I’ve used other electrodes before that require prep with a saline rinse. Do these electrodes have any preparatory steps?

No. Our electrodes use patent pending technology. They effectively deliver current without the mess of wet electrodes or the potential skin irritations of dry electrodes. The tiny fibrous ends penetrate surface layers of the skin evenly to spread current.


When is the best time to use Vybuds? How long should I use them for?

For best results, stimulate for 15-20 minutes prior to studying. Users are encouraged to use Vybuds with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music for the Find Your Frequency mode. For silent stimulation, please consider downloading the Vybuds app after receiving your headphones.


What is Project Oblio?

Project Oblio is the next generation of Vybuds. Most Vybuds ship with an EEG, also known as a brain-reading device, that can help you earn cash for learning to control your phone by just by thinking, watching commercials, and participating in university and corporate studies. It is currently in development. 


Are Vybuds wireless-between-the-ears, like Airpods?

One version of Vybuds is wireless-between-the-ears, another is wired-between-the-ears. Ultimately, each have their own pros and cons, which will be explained on the Indiegogo campaign page. 


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